Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deal on two newest Drifter Din Releases, Website, etc.

I hope to have time over the next month or two to get up a proper website/re-launch the web store. Ideally we'll abandon this and the Myspace page, and hopefully present something that better fits the aesthetic of the label. In the meantime...

Have a desire to clear out same space before the end of the year... As such, we've taken a buck or so off the prices on the two newest Drifter Din Releases. See below for more info.

Paypals can be sent to Osnalithic (at) Gmail (dot) com. Please write for wholesale, international rates, and trade info.

Out Now :

Soup Purse - "Encounter Group" (in Deluxe Clamshell Case) $7US PPD

Death Factory - "Gospel According to Jack" (in Screenprinted Bag) $6US PPD

Both together for $12 US PPD.

All packages ship US First Class Mail within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Thanks. And Watch Out in 2010.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


(DDR-06) Soup Purse - "Encounter Group"

"As the group went on, the driving urge to act out my aggression faded. When a German man told me I reminded him of the mother he hated, my first impulse was to ignore, avoid, deflect his remark. All my life I had run away from hostility. At the faintest breath of trouble in a public encounter I grabbed the oil and started pouring. In that instant I became aware of what a coward I really was. My aggression had always been undercover; it turned tail and ran when attacked.

It came to me now to face up this man's aggressiveness, to let mine off the leash entirely. I didn't feel at all aggressive, but a wave is coming, I'm going to ride that wave.

"So what were you doing to your mother?", I sneer, eyebrows rising suggestively. 'Maybe she should have beaten you harder. You Nazi's are all motherfuckers at heart.'

Wolfgang pushes me down on the floor, pins my arms and beats me with German efficiency, striking my legs and thighs with his fists and elbows, slapping my face, over and over. As if I were one of the onlookers I watch my body respond-- spitting, swearing, laughing. I can still see the faces in the room like a remembered movie: faces full of fear ('he may killer her!'), uncertainty ('should I stop him?'), anger ('why doesn't someone do something!'), and just plain voyeur fascination. Teertha stays expressionless, alert.

Wolfgang stops of his own accord. That night he runs a fever, want's to leave the group, but Teertha persuades him to stay. 'It happens often when you get into deep stuff', he tells him. 'You'll be fine in the morning'.

It feels as natural to mother him as it had to taunt him. I bring him extra blankets, bring my own blankets and curl up beside him; fetch him ice cold water in the night. He's fine in the morning. And so am I- my body a mass of bruises but inside I feel light, airy. As if some ancient burdens had fallen away."

Brand new thirty minute release from D. Todd Dickerson aka Soup Purse. Described by Dickerson as a "'concept album' regarding ecstatic 'numbing', fascination with the east, (and) the effects of experimental group therapies..", "Encounter Group" finds Soup Purse deranged in its precision, schooled and properly obsessed with its source material, and heavily awash in tape hiss.

Seven damaged, hallucinatory collages, persuading and persuaded, from the inimitable Portland-based cult of one... Listen loud and devoted.

Handprinted Chrome C30's Packaged in hard plastic oversized clamshell cases w/ original wraparound artwork by Gentian Osman. Now $7US PPD. Write for International Rates.


(DDR-05) Death Factory - "The Gospel According to Jack"

Culled from studio and live radio recordings laid down in 2008 & 2009, and loosely formed around messianic sermons delivered by a(n) (un)named Middle American evangelist, "The Gospel According to Jack" shows Chicago's Death Factory (Michael Krause) in prime form, masterful in several settings. Krause is equally skilled in the structured solo analog synth based noise that make up the title track and the sludgy "Pagan Transmitter" as he is improvising on a here excerpted avant freak session with fellow Chicagoan Right Eye Rita. Two decades in and more than ever deserving to be heard, consider this an ideal sampler of the current works of this long running, multi-faceted Post-Industrial force.

Limited Edition of 40 copies. Screen printed Chrome C30's with wraparound paper slip and polycases, packaged in screen printed black satin bags. NOW $6US PPD

Write to OSNALITHIC (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM for more info/to order. Thanks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2009 Update

Out August/September 2009 -

Soup Purse - "Encounter Group" C30 in Deluxe Clamshell Case

Mold Crevice - "For Clutter & Withdrawal" C22 in Deluxe Clamshell Case w/ zine

Death Factory - "Gospel According to Jack" c30 in Black Satin Bag

The response for the "Thank You Pastor" compilation was better than expected, and much appreciated. I have the final 3-4 copies, recently pulled from storage. Otherwise, the release is sold out from the label.

To order one of the remaining copies, please contact me at Osnalithic (at) gmail.com.

The price is $12PPD US, and $15 PPD Worldwide.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


OUT NOW : "Thank You Pastor" Compilation. For more info and to order, visit http://drifterdin.bigcartel.com/

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DDR Exploitation Series Volume One - "Thank You Pastor"

Out FEBRUARY 2009.


A Power Electronics & Harsh Noise examination of religion-associated exploitation and perversion.
Features New Tracks from Sharpwaist, Waterdogs, Human Larvae, Soup Purse, Werewolf Jerusalem, Verdant, The Vomit Arsonist, Content Nullity, Bereft, Mold Crevice, Robe., The Slasher is the Sex Maniac!, Fear Konstruktor, RU-486, White Torture, Thee Virginal Brides, Keloid Schematics, & Opponents.

Released in an edition of 100 copies, 2 C42's Chrome Cassettes (50 on 2 x Magenta, 50 on 2 x Yellow) housed in a storage style case, with wraparound original artwork by Gentian Osman. Includes a 22 page booklet containing lyrics, explanations, photos, and artwork corresponding with each track. Each copy is hand wrapped + #'d in a heavy cloth "prayer handkerchief".

Distros please get in touch for wholesale pricing. Single copy sales will be available from our webstore beginning in Mid-February.